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Hosted events

  •  Leytonstone
    12 December 2023
    Type: Networking
    Follow along webinar on how to setup your business as a limited company using the HMRC website
  •  Leytonstone
    16 December 2023 , 11:00 AM until 04:00 PM
    11:00 AM - 04:00 PM
    Type: Networking
    Book your free ticket to this special market to receive updates about businesses that will be selling goods, food and more!
  •  Leytonstone
    9 January 2024 , 12:00 PM until 01:30 PM
    12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
    Type: Networking
    Amit Sodha walks through The 6 Steps to Scale Your Business - Steps that have worked for over a million businesses for 29 years.
  •  Leytonstone
    11 January 2024
    Type: Networking
    An hour-long face-to-face workshop focusing on tax education for new businesses and start-ups.

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