The Waltham Forest Business Directory has a diverse range of businesses, from manufacturing to influencers and filmmakers to food wholesalers. With both an online and in-person presence, it aims to foster connections and stimulate growth within the local community.

In these challenging times, the directory serves as a beacon, spotlighting resilient businesses in Waltham Forest, and encouraging collaboration to uplift the economy amid the global pandemic. Business owners, unite to join, proudly share your ventures, and actively contribute to a powerful collective narrative of strength and unwavering support. Together, we build a community that thrives, uplifts, and champions each other in the face of challenges.

Specialised Sub-Directories

Discover tailored sub-directories for group expertise, locations, and interests to find your ideal business match. Whether it's the perfect space or the right business connection.

The Blackhorse Collective Directory

 A vibrant showcase of diverse local creative businesses within the Blackhorse Creative Enterprise Zone. Its mission is to uplift local talent, forge connections within the Zone, and cultivate a thriving creative sector. By doing so, it seeks to enhance employment opportunities, attract commissions, and inspire the next generation of creatives through a rich display of varied career possibilities.

The Workspace Directory 

The nerve center for workspaces in Waltham Forest. It's the brainchild of The Workspace Collective, a powerhouse uniting providers. For users, it's more than a directory—it's a tailored journey. Discover trusted spaces, foster connections, and thrive in a community that feels just right. Your workspace transformation begins here.

Argall Local Business Directory

An initiative amplifying the vibrant businesses of the Argall industrial area. Featured on our map, these enterprises gain increased visibility and connections, both locally and beyond. This collaborative effort with the Argall Business Improvement District and Waltham Forest Council aims to spotlight and enhance the diverse local business landscape. Discover the benefits of being part of this dynamic network!

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