Business networking is vital for identifying opportunities and ensuring entrepreneurial success. Our Business Growth team actively supports forums and networking organisations across the borough. Check out our top recommendations for networks that empower enterprises, forge connections, and enhance the chances of success in the dynamic landscape of opportunities.

Sector networks

Waltham Forest Green Network

The Green Business Network pioneers a sustainable future for SMEs, fostering mutually beneficial connections among businesses and clients.…

Blackhorse Collective

Blackhorse collective gallery Local businesses coming together to drive the creative growth of the Blackhorse Lane Creative Enterprise Zone…

Waltham Forest business-led networks

Argall BID 

Argall Business Improvement District (BID), is Waltham Forest's largest commercial hub with 400 businesses. Nestled in Leyton, East London, off Lea Bridge Road, Argall BID, established in 2007, spearheads numerous local enhancements, fostering a thriving environment that benefits businesses, residents, and visitors alike.

Hive Collective 

Nat Harrison and Carmel King co-founded the Hive Collective in 2017 to fill the void of a work community for self-employed individuals. Carmel, a lifestyle and portrait photographer, captures identity through images. Nat, a Career and Business Coach, helps businesses achieve goals. Their mission is to support, inspire, and connect business owners, fostering a community that transcends locations. Explore their events and workshops.

Waltham Forest Business Network

Founded in 2008 by Jo Sealy, the local business network connects Waltham Forest businesses and stakeholders, facilitating local growth, opportunities, contacts, and collaboration through seasonal networking events and tailored partnerships.

Highams Park Business Group 

 The Highams Park Business Group stands as a collective of local businesses, providing unwavering support and dedicated promotion of businesses within our community, fostering the growth and contributing to the overall prosperity of our neighbourhood. 

Regional business networks

Navigating BIPC's Supportive Environment

Meet Vaseem Gill, your dedicated Membership Advisor for Waltham Forest, representing the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). With over 150,000 members, FSB is the UK's foremost small business support network. Vaseem champions local businesses, offering services from 24-hour legal advice to tax protection. Connect with him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for personalized support and let FSB fortify your business in Waltham Forest.

North London Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise

The North London Chambers of Commerce and Enterprise (NLCCE) is an independent, membership-led organization supporting businesses, education, and charities in North London. Offering specialized services, NLCCE facilitates business growth, enhances visibility, and fosters valuable connections. Waltham Forest businesses can join NLCCE to access a dynamic community, driving growth and unlocking opportunities.

The East End Trades Guild

The East End Trades Guild (EETG) is a coalition of 350 small independent businesses and self-employed individuals. Beyond offering goods and services, EETG members contribute to social spaces, fostering community relationships, and enhancing street safety. They demand recognition for small traders, emphasizing their vital role in the economy. EETG businesses, with a turnover of £77 million, employ 1200 people, support local economies, and add a distinct touch to the community. These businesses, deeply rooted in the East End, serve as caretakers of historic buildings and are actively involved in social responsibilities, creating a vibrant and interconnected local fabric.

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