Pretty Decent Beer Co., a thriving independent brewery based in London, shares its transformative journey with the Productive Valley Fund (PVF). The case study delves into how the PVF played a pivotal role in accelerating the brewery's growth, expanding its capacity, creating jobs, and fostering community engagement.

How Did Pretty Decent Beer Co. Discover the Productive Valley Fund?                                                                                                       

Pretty Decent Beer Co. learned about the Productive Valley Fund through recommendations from a fellow independent brewer. The fund was praised for its supportive and accessible nature, aligning perfectly with the brewery's goals and desired location in the Upper Lee Valley area.

The PVF proved to be a game-changer for Pretty Decent Beer Co., enabling them to secure a new brewhouse and nearly triple their production capacity within a year. This strategic move allowed the brewery to establish a new taproom and production space, contributing to the overall tripling of the business size in just 18 months.

The fund's support facilitated rapid team expansion, surpassing the initial projection of creating eight full-time jobs within five years. Pretty Decent Beer Co. achieved its fifth hire within nine months, emphasizing the fund's role in fast-paced job creation. The brewery is particularly proud of its commitment to local job opportunities, with around two-thirds of the team residing within a 3-mile radius of the site.

Collaborative Partnership with PVF:

What sets the PVF apart in the world of business loans is its collaborative approach. Pretty Decent Beer Co. highlights the collaborative nature of the PVF team, emphasizing their investment not only in providing funds but in staying engaged and seeking opportunities for mutual growth. This collaborative partnership has been instrumental in the brewery's success.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility:

The growth facilitated by the PVF has enabled Pretty Decent Beer Co. to engage with and support the local community. The brewery has formed partnerships with local businesses like Not Big Dough in Walthamstow and reinvested in its Forest Gate site. Additionally, the brewery donates 1% of its turnover to various community causes, ranging from local food banks to Pride organizations and sports clubs.

Application Process and Business Planning:

The case study outlines the thorough but communicative process of applying for the PVF. Pretty Decent Beer Co. emphasizes that the process allowed them to refine their business plan, making it more robust. The brewery commends the clear communication and vetting process at the beginning, providing transparency and saving valuable time for small business owners.

Recommendations for Future Applicants:

The brewery recommends prospective applicants come prepared with a clear idea of their business goals and engage with the PVF early on. Acknowledging the fund's link to specific locations, Pretty Decent Beer Co. encourages businesses to reach out early for assistance in shaping their plans, leveraging the expertise and support provided by the PVF team.


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