In a call to all businesses in Waltham Forest, time is running out to influence the future landscape of intellectual property (IP) and business growth. The Intellectual Property Office's (IPO) IP and Business Growth Survey is set to close in just one week, urging local businesses to share their invaluable insights on the pivotal role that intellectual property plays in fostering business expansion.

The survey covers crucial areas, including how businesses navigate external finance opportunities by leveraging their IP assets for securing funding. It also delves into the awareness, perception, and utilization of IP litigation insurance products among businesses. Moreover, the survey aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the IPO can effectively support businesses in managing their IP assets.

Businesses in Waltham Forest are encouraged to participate and make their voices heard. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to shaping policies that will impact the local business community positively. The survey, along with instructions on how to respond, is available at the following link: IP and Business Growth Survey.

Act now to shape the future of IP and business........


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