It has been a challenging time for businesses over the past few years. Finding ways to stay ahead whilst managing your budgets can sometimes feel like a puzzle. 

It’s time to think creatively and step outside your business to take a bird’s eye view of new possibilities. Improving your business doesn’t have to cost lots of money, just a bit of time and connecting some dots to make it more efficient and effective. Treating different aspects of your business in silo is the biggest downfall companies make.

From dealing with your social media to selling on your website, to interacting with customers both on and offline. In a digital age, it is important for businesses to take a more integrated approach to doing business. Creating lots of opportunities and opening new sales channels can lead to greater success and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Here are 3 tips to improve your online presence and get ahead on the cost of doing business this year.

Google Business Profile

If you are trying to improve your presence in search engines, this is a great way to do it. With search engines focusing on mobile-first optimisation, having a Google Business Profile can help your business to be seen in results based on location rather than keywords. 

If you do not have a Google Business Profile then you are missing a trick and opportunity for your business to appear on search results and map results which is a particular driver of results. A Google Business Profile is free to set up. Add your branding, and visuals and provide as much information as possible. Ensure you use lots of keywords in your About section and add all relevant links to navigate users to other platforms where you feature.

If you have an e-commerce platform or sell on one, list all your products and provide links to give opportunities for users to shop for products and services. Make sure you get reviews which will help you to rank higher in map location listings. Don’t let these reviews sit in silence and make sure you go on and interact with responses that are given. Google likes this! You can set up and manage your profile right now using the following link:


Open up channels and improve customer journeys to different platforms and access information on your business. Linktree is a great tool to use to integrate your online presence and create lots of navigation options on social media platforms.

Most social media channels will give the option of having one live link which usually we set to our website. Posting on social media at times about products and services, we have to remember to update the link in bio to help navigate followers to the relevant pages.  Having a Linktree opens up your navigation options and possible new sales opportunities.

Consider adding links such as: Shop page/collection pages, Contact Us, Website homepage, Third party selling sites, Mailing list sign-up page, Video content, Event booking page, Consultation booking page, and many others (but not too many!)

This is a free flexible app (with paid options) where you can update links as frequently and add as many as you like.

Customer Database

A company’s biggest asset is having a customer database. People who are signed up to your mailing list are more likely to purchase from you (or have done already). It is therefore potentially easier to continue to promote and sell more products to them than new customers which have a higher conversion cost.

If you do not have a customer database you may be increasing your cost of doing business as a result of inefficiency, and you’re certainly making it harder to secure new sales. Having a customer database is also valuable as it will help you understand and create customer profiles which can then support you in future marketing and reaching more people.

Whether you have a website or not, there are some great client relationship databases out there where you can capture customer details to start building your mailing list for marketing. These may also be known as CRM (customer relationship management) applications. Easy-to-use platforms such as Mailchimp provide a starter pack of one free mailing list of up to 500 contacts, and 2,500 emails per month. It provides lots of templates and options for you to capture details in different ways. Check out their YouTube channel which provides tutorials on setting up and using the platform to support your business. NB: make sure you enable the general data protection regulation (GDPR) box in your mailing list.

In conclusion…

These are 3 effective ways of building your online presence for minimal or zero cost. Never leave any channel sitting solo and make the most of every opportunity to drive traffic to all relevant platforms to grow your business. 

Written by

Toyin Laketu

Toyin Laketu is a business and digital consultant specialising in the fashion industry. She supports the growth of businesses in Waltham Forest, Enfield and Redbridge through the E-Business Programme (delivered by Enterprise Enfield). Toyin also runs her own consultancy, Onwards & Up.


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