Rosalind has been working with textiles throughout her life. From A Levels to studying Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University, she has now turned her passion into a unique small business.

With the help of Elevate, Rosalind has been able to create a new website and widen her customer base. On the day we meet, she gives us a tour of her creative studio and talks us through the inspiration behind her distinctive designs.

The bunting manages to combine a range of patterns, fringes and often sequins without veering into chintz. But where does she source these eye-catching materials? “I get a lot of things from Walthamstow Market, it’s the best!” she tells us (check out the WF Connected Business Directory to find 100’s of local Waltham Forest businesses to suit whatever you may need). “I do make the effort to go to specialist shops in London, but a lot of great things can be sourced locally.”

Walthamstow does seem to be a great place for creatives; Rosalind shares her studio space with other makers and designers, all based in the borough. Elevate provides guidance and support to young businesses in Waltham Forest, suitable for creatives and freelancers who want to build on their skills. Rosalind was one of the Elevate grant recipients, and the resources provided have helped to support her business.

“People would always tell me to ‘just start, just make an Instagram, make a website and just do it.”

In order to get Rebel Bunting started, Rosalind listened to the advice of co-workers encouraging her to ‘just start’. “People would always tell me ‘Just start, just make an Instagram, make a website and just do it.’” Through meetings with her advisor from Elevate, Rosalind recognised the need for a new Rebel Bunting website.

After receiving a grant for this, she is now in the process of building a new website that will allow people across the UK to order custom and ready-made products. She also offers bunting hire for events and occasions, promoting better sustainability. “I would always encourage people to look into support schemes and advice,” she tells us, “I really utilised them and there is a lot out there.”

In addition to creating a variety of bunting, Rosalind also runs workshops in the community and as part of events. “I recently did a workshop for a group of elderly people that was great fun” she tells us, “It also ties into my day job as an occupational therapist.” Rosalind provides materials and together the group makes their own hand-tied bunting. “I would say the main thing people get out of it is the time and space to create something, an opportunity for creative release.”

As part of her next steps, Rosalind would like to create more designs and expand the network of Rebel Bunting. With the help and support of Elevate, she’ll be equipped to guide her business and take it to the next level.


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