On Friday, December 8, 2023, the Employment, Business, and Skills (EBS) team of Waltham Forest Council orchestrated a dynamic Business Showcasing and Networking event, providing a valuable platform for local businesses to connect and thrive. The event, held at Fellowship Square (Town Hall), featured Cllr Vicky Ashworth, Cabinet Member Lead for Jobs, Social Inclusion, and Equalities, offering an opportunity for collaboration and celebration of partnerships with the Council.

The event was highlighted by insightful talks and a captivating Question and Answer panel session, featuring five innovative local businesses. These entrepreneurs shared their experiences and strategies for resilience in the face of challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Cost of Living Crisis, shedding light on their innovative business models and prospects.

For entrepreneurs seeking additional support, Waltham Forest Council’s dedicated team at the local BIPC in Leytonstone Library is poised to assist. Connect with them by visiting www.walthamforest.gov.uk/BIPC. Additionally, explore diverse opportunities and potential collaborations on our recently relaunched Waltham Forest Connected platform.

 Please reach out to our Waltham Forest Council's Business Growth and Sector team, and direct your enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Council remains committed to nurturing a thriving business environment and actively supporting the ongoing success of our local business community. Together, we build a stronger foundation for growth and prosperity in Waltham Forest.


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Here's a glimpse into the remarkable stories of the featured businesses:

Wood Street Bakery

Entrepreneur Jennifer Moseley turned losing her job as a Head Pastry Chef into a golden opportunity. From growing her small business from her home kitchen to taking over the former Percy Ingle unit she has reinvigorated the neighbourhood and received recognition for providing free birthday cakes for low-income families during lockdown. 

Pretty Decent Beer 

Pretty Decent Beer is an independent brewery and Taproom based in Blackhorse Lane headed by Director and entrepreneur James Casey.  The company has been successful in receiving a Productive Valley Fund loan which has enabled it to expand and create new jobs in the borough for local people. James describes the loan “as a game changer for his business” which has been established since 2016. 

Local Pocket App  

During lockdown, local barber and entrepreneur Rafiq Khan saw a gap in the market and developed a bespoke mobile app to connect customers with a diverse range of independent local businesses in the borough. The app is a free platform offering promotions and discounts for local goods and services. 

Mean Mail & Re-Loved​ 

Mean Mail make cards for those you love and love to hate. They’re inspired by the way friends talk to each other and the Oscar Wilde quote “True friends stab you in the front.” They pride ourselves on creating original cards that you don’t get anywhere else. All Mean Mails are made in the UK using responsibly sourced materials with an eco-conscious printer. Since launching with 16 designs in mid 2017 they’re now in over 100 stockists internationally. 

Big Do Food Truck​

With a love of cooking gained from cooking for family, friends and at social gatherings Ernest saw an opportunity to turn his entrepreneurial venture into something more tangible so he approached the BIPC team and received support to set up his business. This included securing its present location in Leytonstone This iconic food truck can be seen 7 days a week offering tasty food to the locals and has established a regular customer base. 

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