In the bustling heart of Leyton, By Kala X stands out as a beacon of Afro-chic, offering a unique blend of quality clothing and vibrant home decor. Kala Paul-Worika, the creative force behind the brand, shares her journey and the transformative impact of the E-business Programme on her growing business.

Before joining the E-business Programme, By Kala X faced the challenge of driving more traffic to its website. As a mother of two, participating in regular markets became a logistical challenge, prompting the need for a shift in the business strategy. Kala also recognized the importance of running her venture more like a business, seeking a more structured approach.

Enter Vernette John-Joiles, the allocated Digital Expert from the E-business Programme. With a keen eye for detail, Vernette guided Kala through a comprehensive business plan, emphasizing crucial aspects like marketing, budgeting, and email marketing. The collaboration also shed light on the need for a cohesive brand representation across the website, prompting Kala to update the site's visuals to align with the brand's identity. Practical suggestions for the home page improvements were implemented to enhance the overall customer journey.

The support received through the programme has had a profound impact on By Kala X. Kala expresses a newfound focus and an objective evaluation of her business's trajectory. With a clearer understanding of what works and what doesn't, By Kala x is now positioned for growth and sustainability in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Looking ahead, Kala envisions a continued emphasis on online sales, leveraging the momentum gained through the E-business Programme. In addition, she plans to explore new avenues by sourcing additional stockists and offering wholesale opportunities for her unique products. A creative twist awaits in January 2024, as By Kala plans to launch weekend lampshade workshops at its Leyton studios, adding an interactive dimension to the brand experience.

By Kala's success story stands as a testament to the transformative power of the E-business Programme. The combination of strategic guidance, practical advice, and a tailored approach has not only elevated the online presence of this Afro-chic brand but has also empowered its founder to navigate the dynamic world of e-commerce with confidence.

For businesses looking to follow in By Kala's footsteps, the E-business Programme offers a valuable opportunity for free 121 digital advice, support, and webinars. With full funding and support from Local London, Waltham Forest Council, Enfield Council, and Redbridge Council, the programme is a beacon of support for businesses registered for over six months in Enfield, Waltham Forest, or Redbridge.

To explore By Kala's unique offerings, visit their website at For details on how your business can benefit from the E-business Programme, visit the programme webpage. Your journey to digital success starts here!


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