Kiori Studio stands as a testament to the power of creativity and determination. Led by Creative Director Maritta Nemsadze and Studio Manager Maisie, Kiori Studio is a women-led Fashion and Art Design Space specializing in garments, accessories, art, and furniture design. This case study delves into their transformative experience with the Productive Valley Fund (PVF), exploring how this support has propelled them to new heights.

Maritta's journey into the world of design began at an early age, inspired by her great-grandmother's passion for knitting and handcraft in Tbilisi, Georgia. Fast forward to today, and Kiori Studio boasts a team of qualified designers with over a decade of experience. Their diverse skills, coupled with educational backgrounds from prestigious institutions like Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion – Cordwainers, set the stage for Kiori's innovative and high-quality designs.

Discovering the Productive Valley Fund: The turning point for Kiori Studio came with the discovery of the Productive Valley Fund. Kumar, the Haringey Council Productive Valley Fund Officer, reached out to the studio, ushering in a new chapter of growth. Maritta reflects on the process, stating, "Kumar was incredibly helpful. He guided us from start to finish, navigating us through a process that was entirely new to us. The end result was a success."

Impact of the Productive Valley Fund:

Maisie highlights the tangible impact of the PVF on Kiori Studio's operations. With the PVF loan, they acquired new machinery and expanded their team, enabling them to fulfill past client requests and take on new projects. "PVF has elevated us to a whole new level," expresses Maisie, emphasizing the newfound capacity to handle more clients and produce at an accelerated pace.

Future Aspirations:

Looking ahead, Maritta envisions further expansion for Kiori Studio. The goal is to acquire more machinery, secure additional studio space, and hire a team of at least 50 individuals. The PVF has not only enabled growth but has opened doors to larger possibilities, turning Kiori Studio into a thriving creative hub.

Highlights of the PVF Experience:

Maisie reflects on the rapid transformation, from a small team to a dynamic collective, attributing it to the support of the PVF. Maritta echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the speed at which they were able to hire and integrate new machinery into their workflow. The PVF has not only been a financial boost but also a catalyst for organizational evolution.

Kiori Studio's journey with the Productive Valley Fund is a testament to the transformative impact of strategic financial support. As they continue to innovate, expand, and dream big, Kiori Studio stands as an inspiration for creative enterprises seeking to turn their passion into sustainable success. To learn more about Kiori Studio and its creations, visit their website and witness the fusion of art and fashion.


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