Choosing Finance

How do I raise finance to start or grow my business?

Businesses look for finance for a number of reasons: to turn an idea into a prototype, to establish and start a business, to grow a business, or to help in a time of stress or turnaround.

The resources below are a great first port of call, as they will help you understand your finance needs before you then look into specific options. We strongly recommend the Business Finance Guide by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (the first resource on this page) for this very reason.

Finance options

Know your finance options by reading the Business Finance Guide

from ICAEW (the Institute of Chartered Acccountants in England and Wales)

WHAT?  Interactive visual overview of appropriate financing options with deep dives into considerations

WHEN?  You need to understand what your finance options are and which one could best apply to your business

WHY?  Learning the 16 different types of finance will help you make an informed decision


>>  Check out the whole of The Business Finance Guide web pages

>>  Listing of finance options from GOV.UK

Finance options for startups

Explore six ways to fund your startup

from Startups.

WHAT?  Article analysing business loans, private equity, invoice financing/factoring, angel investors, enterprise finance guarantee and incubators. The Startups website also contains a great page on more basic low-level funding options: 10 ways to fund your business (without a bank loan).

WHEN?  You are looking to fund your startup but not sure where to begin

WHY?  Compare and contrast six popular sources of finance for small businesses


>>  More useful articles on startup funding options from Startups

Finance case studies

Learn from others by reading case studies on all types of raising finance

from the British Business Bank

WHAT?  Multiple case studies from startup and growing businesses across different sectors on how they’ve met their finance needs

WHEN?  You think you have a good idea on which type of finance is right for you, but you’d like some other opinions

WHY?  Sometimes we just need a couple of basic definitions to get going

Finance for launching a business

Finance-raising case study from the founder of Innocent Smoothies

from This is Money

WHAT?  An article and interview with Innocent Smoothies founder Richard Reed containing lots of inspiriation and advice

WHEN?  You've developed your business idea to the point where you think it is investable

WHY?  You need insipiration on sourcing the funds to get your big idea off the ground

Finance directory

Find finance and support schemes for your business

from GOV.UK

WHAT?  Searchable directory of equity, loan and grants from around the UK

WHEN?  You know what type of funding you are looking for and need some leads

WHY?  Makes finding public and third sector finance options quick and easy

Local finance support

Find support on what finance is available in your local area

from LEP Network

WHAT?  Regional directory of the UK’s growth hubs that have access to staff over the phone and in person who can direct and guide you to local finance providers

WHEN?  You’d like directing to local finance providers or local grants with someone you can speak to

WHY?  Discussing your finance need with someone who knows your region could be advantageous

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