Martyna Przybysz, the visionary photographer behind Shot by Martyna, embarked on a transformative journey with the E-business Programme in June 2022. Seeking guidance from Enterprise Enfield to enhance her marketing skills and expand her clientele in Waltham Forest, Martyna discovered invaluable support that not only elevated her business but also fueled the realization of a meaningful community project, The Kind Space.

Shot by Martyna, founded in 2012, specializes in "Personal Branding Photography." Martyna's unique approach involves capturing the spirit and passion of dynamic women and business owners, offering bespoke packages ranging from Mini Branding to Signature Branding. Alongside her photography business, Martyna is an advocate for menstrual health and sought to evolve her personal project on women with endometriosis into the community initiative, The Kind Space.


Martyna approached Enterprise Enfield with a dual objective: to enhance her photography business's visibility and to promote The Kind Space within the local community. Struggling with marketing and client acquisition, Martyna expressed a desire to expand her reach beyond the usual target audience and establish herself more prominently in Waltham Forest.

E-business Programme Support:

Upon joining the E-business Programme, Martyna collaborated with Business Adviser Liz Gjoni and Digital Expert Jo Sealy. Regular Zoom meetings with both advisers became instrumental in addressing Martyna's challenges. Jo Sealy focused on refining Martyna's marketing strategy, emphasizing the importance of a robust mailing list, manageable social media presence, and local networking.

With Jo's guidance, Martyna not only built stronger local connections but also successfully secured funding for The Kind Space project. The support and insights from Liz Gjoni empowered Martyna to strategize client acquisition, receive hands-on business support, and create a realistic financial plan. Martyna reflects on the transformative impact of the program, stating, "The program has helped me see myself more as a business owner than I did before, which has been extremely empowering."

The Kind Space Project: Thanks to Jo's suggestions, Martyna applied for the William Morris Big Local fund and secured £620 to run a series of 4 Menstrual Circles in July 2023. This blend of circles and workshops on menstrual health awareness will take place at the Walthamstow Quaker Meeting House, marking a significant milestone for The Kind Space and its mission to empower women to connect with their menstrual cycles.

Martyna Przybysz's journey with the E-business Programme stands as a testament to the transformative impact of strategic guidance and support. From refining marketing strategies for Shot by Martyna to securing funding for The Kind Space, Martyna's success story exemplifies the program's ability to empower entrepreneurs, fostering growth, and community impact. Visit for more details on Martyna's inspiring work.


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