Duval Middleton, the visionary mind behind Gumipod Group, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the world of product design and technology while addressing the pervasive issue of chewing gum litter. Through dedication and innovation, Duval created the world's first chewing gum container with an integrated gum bin, aiming to make a global impact on waste reduction.

Development and Recognition

After obtaining Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the Gumipod container and its brand name, Duval introduced the groundbreaking product to the world. Additionally, he launched iYTAL, a mint and eucalyptus CBD-infused gum, sold in the Gumipod container. In March 2022, the Gumipod Group and iYTAL brand received the Innovative Product of the Year 2022 Award at the White Label World Expo trade show.

E-business Programme Involvement

In May 2022, driven to expand awareness and attract new customers, Duval joined Enterprise Enfield's E-business Programme. Through regular meetings with Digital Expert Jo Sealy, the programme provided invaluable recommendations and action plans, focusing on improving the website's search engine ranking, enhancing social media effectiveness, and implementing digital marketing campaigns.

Strategic Connections and Opportunities:

The programme's support extended beyond digital marketing, guiding Duval in building essential contacts with wholesalers, suppliers, and stockists. An introduction to the Bread and Jam Festival provided an opportunity to pitch products to major retailers, such as Sainsbury's, Selfridges, Holland and Barrett, and Virgin Atlantic. Gumipod Group's participation in the festival marked a significant milestone in its journey.

Duval, supported by Business Adviser Liz Gjoni, attended regular Zoom meetings focusing on business planning and cash flow forecasts. Implementing recommended actions, the Gumipod Group witnessed a substantial increase in sales and turnover. Poised for growth, Duval plans to launch a new brand of Xylitol gum and undergo a rebranding process.

Current Presence and Future Endeavors: Presently, the Gumipod container and iYTAL gum are available through their respective websites and physical stores, including prominent markets and festivals. With continuous support from the E-business Programme, Duval envisions maximizing growth by increasing product manufacturing and expanding the number of stockists.

Duval Middleton's journey with the E-business Programme showcases the transformative impact of strategic guidance and support. The Gumipod Group's success story serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of innovation, sustainability, and business growth in the digital age.


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