Point-of-sale (POS) systems

What are POS systems and which ones are the best?

An EPOS system is an electronic point-of-sale system used in shops, restaurants, takeaways and retail stores. Our introduction to POS systems gives you an overview of vendors for electronic tills that provide software for order taking (particularly useful for restaurants), receipts, stock control and links to payment card processors. 

Small business POS systems

Use this guide to review the different types of POS systems and how they are priced

from Constributor

WHAT?  A well written and extremely detailed guide with supporting video demos

WHEN?  You need a thorough introduction to POS systems before beginning a supplier discussion

WHY?  Get a decent overview of providers, features and pricing to help identify and negotiate the best solution for your needs


>>  The five best iPad POS systems for the UK from Mobile Transaction

>>  Another comparison site for EPOS systems from Small Business Prices 

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