How do I recruit great talent for my business?

Recruitment for startups and small businesses is one of the biggest challenges you will face and it’s important to know what the whole process entails to avoid pitfalls. There are many questions throughout recruiting, from technical issues like knowing the difference between a job description and person specification, to strategic decisions, such as hiring outside your immediate network of family and friends, which can seem terrifying.

Having a clear strategy up front, before you’ve kicked the process off, will set expectations all round. These resources will help you do just that.

Hiring 101

Absorb an overview of the whole hiring process

from Rocket Lawyer

WHAT?  A clear step-by-step guide written by a legal firm, but easy to understand

WHEN?  You’re about to start hiring and want a clear guide on all the key steps

WHY?  Having a professional process internally and with candidates means expectations are clear for all parties from the outset

Hiring guide

Become a recruitment pro 

from NI Business

WHAT?  A well written and easy-to-follow guide

WHEN?  You need a really clear steer on the steps and content you should follow for recruiting

WHY?  A good checklist ensures you look professional and stay legal, while still creating a process that is personal and specific to your business


>>  List of dos and don’ts when recruiting from Fox Williams

>>  Dos and Don'ts of job advertising from Personnel Today

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