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Choosing the best bank for your business is a difficult choice, with high street branches disappearing and new ways of making payments emerging all the time. You need to assess whether you should go to one provider and their preferred solutions for all your banking/payment processing needs, or whether you are better served by two or more different providers and rely on seamless integration. These resources will help you analyse just that.

Business bank accounts

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from Business Comparison

WHAT?  Price and service comparison with links to the banks' websites. This comparison site looks at traditional and new “challenger” banks operating in the UK.

WHEN?  You’re deciding on a bank account, whether starting out, or established and thinking of changing, and need a thorough comparison of all the available banking providers relevant to your need.

WHY?  Looking for the right bank ensures your need is matched to the best bank, not just your local branch or personal banking provider. Traditional banks can offer physical branches for depositing cash and cheques (although increasingly less so!) Challenger banks may offer better value and more efficient services.


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