Types of employment

Should I recruit for an experienced permanent member of staff, or should I look into contract workers, outsourcing, apprenticeships or work experience? See the different types of employment to help decide what’s right for you.

The purpose of hiring staff is to grow the business, but recruiting can take time and effort away from serving customers (and thus negatively impacting on growth), so it’s crucial to find the right balance. Knowing what type of employee you’re looking for will streamline the whole process and pinpoint the right candidates for the task at hand.

Employment types 101

Begin by reading a guide on all the types of employment

from ACAS

WHAT?  A thorough easy-to-follow guide on the different types of contractual employment

WHEN?  You’re unclear on the type of employee or contract resource that you need for the growth of your business

WHY?  Helps you think about how to retain flexibility and keep within legal remits

Employer advice

Seek recruitment help

from GOV.UK

WHAT?  Free over the phone support, but worth being mindful that quality may vary with the experience of the staff member

WHEN?  You’re in need of advice or guidance on a particular stage of recruitment

WHY?  Ensures you’ve considered all the angles and helps you develop your HR and recruitment skills through feedback from a specialist


>>  Take a look at our Deciding to Recruit section for lots of resources on the hiring process


How valuable are apprenticeships to employers?

from Talk Business

WHAT?  A guide, tools and case studies, all relating to apprenticeships

WHEN?  You think apprenticeships could be the way to go, but you want to learn the pros and cons in relation to your sector before making your mind up

WHY?  Provides practical and contextualised information – can also help you deepen your staff training and development approach


>>  Employers' views on apprenticeships vs university degrees for young employees, from Personnel Today

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