On August 22nd, participants gathered at the Business & IP Centre (BIPC) in Leytonstone for a half-day event aimed at jumpstarting their business aspirations. Hosted by Harinder from the BIPC, alongside guest speakers Tony Corsini and Seema, this session marked the beginning of a two-day ‘start-up’ workshop focusing on the practicalities of business establishment and the utilization of BIPC’s resources for idea protection and research.

Navigating BIPC's Supportive Environment

The day commenced with an introduction to the British Library’s support system for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and inventors. The British library’s team’s commitment to guiding attendees through various business stages was evident. They highlighted the availability of on-site databases and collections, complemented by online one-to-one sessions on intellectual property and business insights. A range of webinars, articles, blogs, and industry guides were also presented as valuable resources for SMEs. A special mention was made of the “Get Ready for Business Growth” program, designed to support ambitious creative sector entrepreneurs over three months.

Understanding the Importance of Business Plans & Embracing the Power of Research

The morning session underscored the significance of a well-structured business plan. Explaining how such a plan serves as a roadmap, outlining business goals and strategies for success. Additionally, it was emphasised that business plans are not only crucial for obtaining funding but are also invaluable for charting the course of a business venture. The Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder was introduced as an alternative approach to the traditional business plan. The canvas comprises nine building blocks addressing value delivery and revenue generation. Importantly, it was highlighted that the Business Model Canvas can be an excellent alternative for neurodivergent individuals with conditions such as dyslexia, offering a visual and structured format that aids comprehension and planning.

There was an emphasis on the personalised 1-2-1 advisor sessions offered at BIPC Leytonstone, where entrepreneurs can receive guidance on creating tailored and resilient business plans, enhancing their loan application prospects.

The morning sessions were closed with a look into the world of research, a foundational aspect of any business endeavour. The British Library’s offerings in terms of live business intelligence databases and sector insights were highlighted, particularly COBRA (Complete Business Reference Advisor). The library’s commitment extended to tailored programming and activities that enhance resilience, aligning with local priorities. The significance of both desk research (gathering insights from existing sources) and field research (qualitative data collection in natural settings) was explained, underlining their role in shaping a well-informed business approach.

A launchpad for Entrepreneurs

Reflecting on the Kickstart Your Business programme at BIPC Leytonstone, it’s evident that participants gained invaluable insights to propel their entrepreneurial journeys. The combination of expert advice, practical guidance, and an overview of British Library resources offered attendees a tangible path forward in transforming their business concepts into reality. As the event concluded, participants departed armed with not only knowledge but also a sense of empowerment, knowing they had a supportive community backing their entrepreneurial dreams. The Kickstart Your Business programme at BIPC Leytonstone undoubtedly laid a strong foundation for participants to embark on their business ventures.

Author: Waltham Forest Connected Team
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